Hi, welcome to the homepage of Yuan Lu, Ph.D. (simplifed Chinese 路远 or traditional Chinese 路遠, which literally means a long way to go). I obtained my doctoral degree in computer science from New Jersey Institute of Technology (with receiving Joseph Leung Award for Best PhD Thesis). Currenlty, I am affliated with Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (中国科学院软件研究所).

Research Interests

I have a broad spectrum of interests in blockchain consensus, decentralized applications, and the design and analysis of cryptograhpic protocols. In particular, my research aims at solving those key issues preventing the blockchain from being widely used in practice.

Selected Publications

All papers listed down below have an alphabetic order of authors:

  • Dumbo-NG: Fast Asynchronous BFT Consensus with Throughput-Oblivious Latency.
          CCS 2022. with Yingzi Gao, Zhenliang Lu, Qiang Tang, Jing Xu, Zhenfeng Zhang.

  • Bolt-Dumbo Transformer: Asynchronous Consensus As Fast As the Pipelined BFT.
          CCS 2022. with Zhenliang Lu, Qiang Tang.

  • Speeding Dumbo: Pushing Asynchronous BFT Closer to Practice.
          NDSS 2022. with Bingyong Guo, Zhenliang Lu, Qiang Tang, Jing Xu, Zhenfeng Zhang.

  • Efficient Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement without Private Setups.
          ICDCS 2022. with Yingzi Gao, Zhenliang Lu, Qiang Tang, Jing Xu, Zhenfeng Zhang.

  • Fair Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery via Blockchain.
          ESORICS 2021. with Songlin He, Qiang Tang, Guiling Wang, Chase Wu.

  • Generic Superlight Client for Permissionless Blockchains.
          ESORICS 2020. with Qiang Tang, Guiling Wang.

  • Dumbo-MVBA: Optimal Multi-Valued Validated Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement, Revisited.
          PODC 2020. with Zhenliang Lu, Qiang Tang, Guiling Wang.

  • Dragoon: Private Decentralized Human Intelligence Tasks Made Practical.
          ICDCS 2020. with Qiang Tang, Guiling Wang.

  • ZebraLancer: Private and Anonymous Crowdsourcing System atop Open Blockchain.
          ICDCS 2018. with Qiang Tang, Guiling Wang.

Professional Activities

  • Referee for Journals: Distributed Computing, IEEE TIFS, IEEE TDSC, IEEE/ACM ToN, IEEE TMC, IEEE TVT, ACM Computing Surveys, IET Information Security, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, etc.

  • Referee for Conferences: ACM PODC 2021, USENIX Security 2021, ASIACRYPT 2021-2018, INFOCOM 2020-2017, ESORICS 2020/2019/2017, AsiaCCS 2020, ACNS 2019, PKC 2022/2019, TrustCom 2019, ACISP 2018, IEEE Blockchain 2018, ICICS 2018, ICBC 2018, etc.

  • PC for Conferences: PST 2020, APKC 2021, etc.

Research Fundings

  • Asynchronous Byzantine-Fault Tolerant Protocols for Blockchain. NSFC, PI, 2021-2023

Awards and Honors

  • Joseph Leung Award for Best PhD Thesis. awared by CS deparment at NJIT

  • China National Scholarship. awared by the Minstry of Education of China

  • Distinguished Master Graduate. awared by Nankai University

  • Excellent Master Thesis. awared by Nankai University

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